Our office is conveniently located approximately 1 mile south of Woodfield Mall in Schaumburg at the northwest  corner of Martingale Road and Schaumburg Road. We are just south of the Schaumburg Marriott hotel (which  is easily visible on the west side of Route 53 / 355 / 290) and about 1 mile east of Meacham Road. We are also just north of the large soccer fields in Olympic Park.

The 2-building office complex is called “Woodfield Preserve.” We are in the first building (10 N.  Martingale) which is directly on the street corner. Our office is on the 4th Floor, Suite 400. Covered  and uncovered parking is available.

NOTE: To zoom in or out on the map below, use your mouse  wheel. To see a building arrangement of the office complex, click on “Satellite” view after zooming in to the red point on the map.