Thank you for the opportunity to help you as a client. Payments for our services can now be made easily by  credit card if you prefer. Your credit card payment will be processed directly and securely by our credit card  processing company. No personal, payment or credit card information will be stored by our firm.  Please choose between the following 2 links when making a payment. Please read the descriptions carefully,  and please contact us if you have any questions.

Retainers for New Clients or New Projects

If you are a new client and have recently signed (or will promptly sign) a retainer letter with our firm for tax  or legal work, please make your retainer payment by clicking on this link immediately below. If you are an  existing client and have been asked to make an additional retainer payment for additional work in progress or  about to be performed, you should also use this link.

Click Here to Pay a Retainer

Invoices for Existing Clients

Please have your recent invoice available (for services already rendered) and click the link below.

Click Here to Pay an Invoice