What Makes Us Different

HomePage_HandshakeSmallYears of experience and tremendous breadth of knowledge rarely seen at law firms make us a valuable resource for our clients. Although our “big firm” experience runs deep, our small firm atmosphere will make you feel at home. Every client receives our personal attention.

We also work well with, and “speak the language” of, your current financial advisor, CPA or insurance professional because we have shared their experiences earlier in our careers. When clients have questions on certain strategies their current advisors may be recommending, we offer second opinions which are insightful, in layman’s terms and very valuable.

Finally, our founder, Jeff Miller, is one of only a dozen or so people in the country with his combined credentials and experience (per Google searches in recent years). He brings tremendous  wealth-building and wealth protection experience to the table that is very hard to find in one person. He believes in continuing education so much that he often receives 2 Р5 times the minimum required amount through a combination of teaching law school classes or seminars, writing articles or public education materials, and attending other supplemental seminars, often taught by nationally-known experts.

Our Focus and Our Value Proposition

HomePage_ScalesOfJusticeWe don’t try to “do it all”. We know our core competencies and we stick to them. We help you protect and preserve your personal and business wealth, it’s that simple. We help you personally by saving taxes, protecting your assets, providing counsel and guidance, and establishing plans that leave legacies to your family or favorite charity. We also help business owners establish a proper “exit strategy” and help them integrate that with their other planning. No matter whether it’s personal or business wealth, we help you protect it and preserve it. Once you have it, you certainly don’t want to lose it (to the IRS, to lawsuits, to divorces, to family “in-fighting”, etc.) due to poor planning.

No doubt you have questions on your mind.

We handle matters from the simple to the complex. Please give us a call and let us help you make your personal or business planning the best that it can be.